Bee there

Valentines Day wedding. Beautiful Key Biscayne National Park, stunning! Something like salsa dance energy, roast pig and toasts, ceremonies, travel. And there is living with the natural envirios. My favorite episode would be, the bee that picked me up, walking by him the temperature so low he’s paralized with hypothermia. I was found by this little drone, Valentines Day morning so when I see he’s all froze up, I let him hang on my sleeve. So here we are, now in the warm hotel. He begins to motivate, once his temp adjusts to his new enironment. Now we’re up and flying straight to the window, flop down to the cold sill, please help, so cold down here. Could you please warm me up, like maybe find me a nice warm lamp would be great. Gotta get this trooper out to the warming day, so the small pastry window box gets repurposed, a bee leash, if you will. Out to the day again, good luck little feller. Later we spot a terrific hive, size of a basketball. Thousand or so workers, all keeping the warmth together, as one! People make things so rough, too much. Bee is the only guy that brings the wedding to mind.


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